SuperSonic Healthy Green Tonic

The S is for super and the U is for unique, the P is for perfection…I am talking about Green Drinks!

Swamp Juice. That is what most people think of when they look at green drinks. And to be honest that’s what they taste like sometimes too! BUT….they are oh so good for you!!! And there are ways to make them palatable and even good!

Due to the rate at which we grow food, we have depleted our soil of most of the vital vitamins and minerals it once had. Fruits and vegetables today have over 60% less vitamins and minerals than they did 60 years ago, even organic. This is a big, huge deal. We are all mineral deficient. The symptoms of mineral deficiency are endless, including thyroid & hormone disruption, muscle aches, fatigue and finally commencing with cancer. Not trying to scare anyone, but just trying to stress the importance of getting needed nutrients elsewhere. This is where green drinks come in to play. They are chalk full of amazing vitamins and minerals from an easily digested food source. They are hydrating and nourishing. They give you energy and make you feel alive and alert.  They have seaweeds and chlorella that provide high amounts of minerals and iodine that help to heal your thyroid/endocrine system and even your  intestinal lining, thereby correcting digestive issues.


Everyone needs  to add a green drink containing seaweed and chlorella to there regimen!

My favorite brand of green drink is Vitamineral Green.  I take a tablespoon, 2x a day (work up to that) mix it with 3/4 water (maybe 12 oz) and 1/4 unfiltered, organic apple juice and some crushed ice. I sip on it for a while. Love it. Love it. Love it.

If you are feeling especially motivated, my friend Karin’s favorite smoothie is yum. Run over to the farmer’s market or store and grab some fresh kale and throw it in the blender with frozen mango, a tablespoon of VMG, avocado and water. SOOO good, I swear!

Adios green goddesses!



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  1. karinkish: October 19, 2011

    CHEERS!!!! I love your blog, Son, and not just because of the smoothie nod! Thanks sharing sharing your tricks and treats- I'm excited to try some new ones!

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