White Bean and Kale Stew-YUM

I made this soup the other night and it was SO good. I actually didn’t expect it to come out so good.  And it makes A LOT. It’s a full meal in one. Enjoy!
White Bean and Kale Stew
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon butter
1 onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 carrots, diced
3 stalks of celery, diced
Sea Salt and Black Pepper
2 cans/boxes cooked (15oz) white beans, drained and rinsed
2 small garnet yams, peeled and diced
1 28 oz can whole tomatoes, chopped with juice
1 ½ bunch kale, stems removed and leaves torn into small pieces
4 cooked andouille sausages, chopped (I like Aidells)
½ cup freshly ground parmesan
Heat oil and butter in a large pot over medium heat. Add onion, garlic, carrots, and celery and season with salt. Cook vegetables, stirring, until tender, about 8 minutes.
Increase heat to medium high and add tomatoes and their juice. Cook, stirring, until mixture begins to caramelize, about 3 minutes.
Add water and chicken broth, yams, and beans, and bring soup to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until yams are tender, about 10 minutes, then stir in kale and sausage.

Cook, covered, until tender, about 2 minutes, then season with salt and pepper. Top with Parmesan. Try it topped with chopped avocados as well. I added a piece of toast with extra butter of course because I was feeling extra piggy.

I am really into soups right now. Does anyone have any other great recipes for soup?


Dear Coffee, I Love You.

I cannot tell you how much it pleases me when studies come out that support my obsessive love of coffee. Another one this week stated that people who drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day have a lowered chance of becoming depressed or of acquiring inflammatory diseases such as Parkinson’s. 

That being said, I usually only drink one cup of half decaf coffee a day. But, I LOVE the stuff (as portrayed in my cheesy pics to the right) and I choose to drink it that way so that I feel okay after the fact. I would rather modify it then cut it out all together. You see coffee makes me feel great, but if I’m not careful it will negatively affect my blood sugar levels. Also, if I don’t drink it with food, I will chase my blood sugar all day long, causing me to eat more than I need to, and I will worry all day long. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need any extra anxiety on top of the garden variety that comes with just living. 

The coffee debate will never end; some people will say it is awful for you and some will say that is very healthy for you. I think what it comes down to is how it affects you personally. It makes me HAPPY :-) besides wine, it is my favorite happy habit. Here are some more ways that you can drink coffee and feel good about it:
  • Drink half decaf. You will still get the bump, but you won’t completely disrupt your blood sugar levels
  • If you can handle dairy, use full fat half n’ half which will also keep your blood sugar levels level
  • If you drink decaf, look for water filtered, most decaf is processed with chemicals that aren’t very healthy
  • Drink it with food. Even if its a scoop of almond butter. 
  • Drink 16oz of water first thing in the morning. Give your body a chance to hydrate itself and wake up before you guzzle caffeine
  • If you are out, choose espresso-based drinks. They tend to have less caffeine and more antioxidants because they are freshly prepared and consumed quickly
  • If you are so inclined, you can find low-acid coffee, which is thought to be healthier because it doesn’t make your body acidic which will then cause inflammation. Low Acid Coffee  
  • Choose organic. Coffee beans can have tremendous amounts of pesticides and this is an area where you can make some big toxicity changes especially if you are drinking it every day
  • Make sure you drink enough water to compensate for the diarrhetic affect of caffeine (an extra 10 oz for every cup). And even better, add electrolytes
  • Dont drink coffee after 12pm, it might disrupt your sleep

Get your buzz on and remember, “everything in moderation!”

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Uber Fresh Skin Care


If any of you are in search of a luxurious non-toxic face & body oil, this might be the product for you. It’s called Undaria Algae oil from a company in Malibu called OSEA. This stuff is amazing. It smells amazing. It feels amazing and it does amazingly beautifying things to your skin. I love the glow it gives me and how soft it leaves my skin. The fact that it is completely natural and non-toxic makes it even more phenomenal. 

Here is what OSEA says about it: “Experience the healing power of the sea with this lightweight marine-based body oil that is rich in organic botanical oils, sea minerals and antioxidants. This is the ultimate skin repair loaded with luscious seed oils–acai, babassu, passion fruit, sesame–and Undaria Algae, to deliver powerful antioxidant vitamins and essential fatty acids to dry, sun-damaged skin.
Our certified organic Undaria Algae is hand-harvested off the coast of Patagonia from the most pristine waters on the planet. The Undaria Seaweed is placed in containers similar to wine barrels and soaked in the oils for at least 6 months. Undaria Algae Oil contains concentrated sea minerals, rich in B vitamins, to firm and tone. Potent omega fatty acids minimize redness and inflammation. Vitamins A, C, and E along with hydrating sea minerals, help repair environmentally damaged, sensitive skin and restore a healthy glow. OSEA Undaria Algae Oil absorbs easily with no greasy finish and carries nutrients deeper into the skin. Bring home the healing power of the sea in this concentrated ocean therapy.”
As seen in Lucky Magazine
Some of their products

If you haven’t tried OSEA, I highly recommend their whole line. The quality of their ingredients is top notch and it doesn’t hurt they are based out of one of my most favorite cities in the world, Malibu. 

Cheers to glowing skin!