What I ate today…

Just in case anyone was at all remotely curious, this is a compilation of what I ate today. Please don’t be afraid of the pictures of my meals, I am realizing that I am definitely not a food photographer! Beware: this is a long post!!

Good Morning! I forgot to take a picture of my coffee, so just pretend it’s there. I made a cup of half-caff with 1/2 & 1/2, no sugar. 


Turkey sausage and a 
fried egg, 
cooked in coconut oil

My Breakfast Ingredients:

Spinach Smoothie: Spinach, almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, dash of vanilla & stevia

I made some for my daughter too..

Turkey in lettuce & a
a plum


Spinach salad: tomatoes,
onions, avocado, cheese
balsamic & olive oil
& hotdog, no bun

HOTDOG BRAND..My favorite!

3 Animal Crackers, Decaf Coffee
VitaMineral Green


Bolognese sauce with brown rice pasta, parmesan reggiano &
Roasted broccoli & cauliflower tossed in olive oil with
basil and pinenuts

Sorry for the long post, I was HUNGRY today!

Happy Eating..



The Perfect Glow

Who doesn’t love a sun kissed glow all year long? I love having a tan, but I don’t like tanning my face because of the obvious, looking like Magda of course. You know who I mean. Okay, so I love these pads from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. They are more than a self tanner, they exfoliate and nourish at the same time. They aren’t “bad” for you per se, but they aren’t toxic-free, and that is why they land in the 20% portion of my 80/20 lifestyle. Honestly though, they rock. They give you a healthy glow that makes your skin just look better, they are referred to as a “complexion fixer” . You barely have to wear any makeup! They also make a body version that I am about to order. You can find the pads for your face HERE. And the pads for your body HERE.

Glow on girls (and boys)!


My snack vice…HELP!

I could really lose my mind over Kettle chips. I really have no defenses when it comes to these crack-like potato chips. This would be our conversation if kettle chips could talk: 

Kettle chips: We could have a good life together. You know you can’t live with out me. You need my delicious buffalo bleu flavoring to course through your veins. 

Me: You have no idea how bad it gets. You are too much for me Buffalo Bleu…I wish I knew how to quit you. 

It’s a love affair that sadly just can’t sustain itself. Maybe I will just have to be okay with bingo arms because of it. 

We can pretend that they are somewhat healthy because they are pretty “natural”. Right?