More Butter Baby

A dear friend once said “more butter, more better”. My sentiments exactly!
Butter is a heavenly food to eat, it doesn’t just taste good, surprisingly it is very nourishing for your body as well. What, no way you might say! But butter is bad, it causes heart disease doesn’t it? Warning- a little history and technical jargon coming up, but keep reading, it’s interesting stuff!

The butter/saturated fat condemnation campaign started in the 1950s. The theory was called the “lipid hypothesis”. A man named Ancel Keys was the author of a few epidemiological studies that supported the theory that animal fats caused heart disease. This theory was so wide spread and so prevalent that it became the one and only theory in regards to heart disease. Meanwhile, there were many other interpretations of the data collected in those studies that actually proved that saturated fat not only does not cause heart disease, but actually protects us from heart disease and a myriad of other illnesses. Some scientists were drawn to the lipid hypothesis theory because deaths from heart attacks had slowly risen from the 1920s when before that we did not see heart attacks. They simply could not figure out why, so based off of poorly done studies and pressure from lobbyists for oil (vegetable) companies, they attributed it to saturated fat. During this same time period, you had doctors such as Dr. Dudley White, President Eisenhower’s doctor (the most famous cardiologist in that day) note that heart disease had increased as a result of the over consumption of liquid vegetable oils (these were newly introduced in the 1920s) and the decreased consumption of the traditional diet of eggs, lard and butter. I could go on and on about the history, email me if you care to hear more, but here are some more thoughts on butter and saturated fats in general:

*your body produces it’s steroid (sex) hormones from cholesterol only. You can not consume enough cholesterol, your body has to produce more on it’s own in in order to function properly; repair arterial walls, etc.
*you can not properly absorb Vitamin D without the consumption of saturated fat
*the muscle of your heart uses saturated fat for energy
*your cell walls are made up of a percentage of all three fats including, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fat. Without the solidity of the saturated fat within the wall, the cell would have no integrity.
*the body actually uses fat for long burning energy, not carbohydrates
*your body does not store fat as “fat” on your thighs. Sugar takes care of that! Fat is used for energy.
*you and your children will not absorb minerals from vegetables without saturated fat. A baby’s brain is over 50% fat. A baby needs HIGH amounts of good fat fat to thrive.
*non-fat dairy is digested as if it were sugar. Always eat whole fat dairy unless you want to gain weight.

Symptoms of fatty acid deficiency:

  • Can’t lose weight
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Anxiety
  • dry skin, wrinkles
  • Fatigue/low energy
  • Blood sugar drops
  • feeling hungry a couple hours after your last meal
  • Brain fog
  • Hormones feel “off”
  • Hyperactivity

…..and many, many more

Some things to remember when eating a higher fat diet:

*all of this only applies to fat from a good source!!!
Butter from a cow that eats grass and not corn has as many omega 3 fatty acids as fish. Eggs from chickens that roam the pasture eating various plants and larvae. Pigs that are raised properly. Coconut oil that is cold processed, unrefined and organic. Etc.

*if you start to eat a lot of fat and start to feel nauseous, that is your gall bladder in need some fine tuning. Email me for details.

In conclusion, I would like to share my own experiences with butter and fat in general. I have never felt more energetic and healthier since eating a higher fat diet. My skin is better and its easier to keep weight off. Good stuff.

Happy eating!



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