Day Old Salad is Healthier?!



I came across this really interesting book and wanted to share because I think we could all get some clarity on the many myths around food and specifically vegetables. The author of Eating on the Wild Side, Jo Robinson, has spent over 10 years researching this topic and has some really fun things to share. In summary, the book is a guide to finding the most nutrient dense plant foods available and learning how they should be consumed. This is a great book for someone looking to eat well and learn how to prepare, store, grow and shop or even someone that is interested in gardening, farming and sustainability. I know that personally I could use some tips on storing my kale which always seems to wilt so quickly.

Some fun secrets from her book:

  • Carrots are more nutritious cooked than raw! And when cooked whole, they have 25 percent more falcarinol, a cancer-fighting compound, than carrots that have been chopped beforehand.They also have twice as much betacarotene.
  • Tearing romaine lettuce the day before you eat it doubles it’s antioxidant value
  • Orange juice made from concentrate has,on average, 45% more anti-oxidants, than juice not from concentrate.
  • Canned artichoke hearts are among the most nutritious vegetables in the supermarket.
  • Ounce per ounce, there is more fiber in raspberries than in bran cereals.
  • Red cherry tomatoes have up to twelve times more lycopene than red beefsteak tomatoes.
  • Storing broccoli wrapped in a plastic bag with tiny pricks in it will give you up to 125 percent more antioxidants than if you had stored the broccoli loosely wrapped or in a tightly sealed bag. Use a salad fork to get holes all over.
  • When it comes to apples, the Granny Smith is the most nutritious of the 12 most common varieties.
  • Slicing, chopping, or pressing garlic and letting it rest for ten minutes before cooking, boosts its’ ability to fight cancer and cardiovascular disease


I hope you enjoy it! You can find it here:





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