Deterioration in health usually begins in your stomach when you stop making enough Hydrochloric acid to properly break down your proteins. When there is not enough acid in your stomach (lack of hydrochloric acid is extremely common in adults) the proteins are passed on as large molecules and as they begin their decent through your gut, they are unable to be absorbed because of their size. They eventually start to leak through your intestinal lining thereby making holes in your intestines. They creep out through these tiny holes and then your immune system responds to them. This over-response of your immune system causes you to eventually become sensitive to the environment, sensitive to foods, become malnourished because of the lack of minerals absorbed from your food and it depletes your immune system. A second function of hydrochloric acid in your stomach is to kill pathogens and yeasts. When these are not killed in the stomach, they travel down to the small and large intestines and take up residence. They then cause again more damage to your intestinal lining and extreme immune dysfunction. A third function of hydrochloric acid is to bring the pH in your stomach to almost pure acid, if your stomach cannot achieve this, the proper hormones from your pancreas and gall bladder will not be released to trigger the rest of digestion. When the food (chyme) in your stomach does not reach the correct amount of acidity, the food will rot and swell and then press through into your esophagus into an area that is alkaline (not acidic) and thereby causes what you know as heartburn or GERD. Usually it is simply that you are not making enough acid. Your immune system is located in your gut. If your gut is not healthy, neither are you. Your body just breaks down more and more everyday and eventually you develop chronic disorders and “disease”.
That my friends is Leaky Gut in simple terms.
Contact me for details on how to fix Leaky Gut.

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Ugh, I feel so bloated, I haven’t “gone” in over a week!
If this sounds like something you may have said before, you are not alone!

 I was just talking to a friend today and she was telling me how she goes to the bathroom about every three days and in order to achieve this she usually has to drink that “Smooth Move Tea”. You know the tea, aka, Super Dieters Tea. You drink it before bed and you awaken the next morning or sometimes even during the middle of the night with sweaty palms and excruciating pains in your belly that feel as if you are birthing an alien. You finally get to the bathroom and what starts as something akin to a brick, ends with something more like melted ice cream. Sorry to be so crass! But, girls, I KNOW you have experienced this!
This is not the way your elimination process should go down! You do not have to live like this. There are many reasons why it is important to empty your bowels on a daily basis.
Toxicity: Waste that sits in your colon for too long is dangerous. Your colon pulls all the water out of it as well as more toxic byproduct that shouldn’t be absorbed. This makes your blood toxic.
Fatigue: Again, not getting rid of that waste and allowing toxic material to be re-absorbed into your blood stream, makes you tired. Having a full bowel makes you sluggish
Pooch: Ugh the dreaded pooch. You know what I’m talking about.
So, back to my friend, she said that she had tried all of the textbook things (drinking a lot of water, exercising, eating a lot of fiber, etc.) you have always been told and they aren’t working. These items will help, minus the fiber in a lot of cases, but there are a few more things you can do.

1. Water You should have about 60-70oz a day and add additional 12 ounces for every caffeinated and alcohol containing beverage you consume.
2. Gall Bladder Support. A toxic liver and sluggish gall bladder cause constipation.
3. Hydrochloric Acid. HCL is used to break down proteins in our stomach, most of us do not make enough HCL. There are a myriad of reasons for this including, excess alcohol intake, stress and a toxic environment.
4. Fermented Food. Eating a lot of fermented food, with most meals, populates your gut with enzymes and bacteria needed to digest properly, which will prevent constipation. All of those “good” bugs eat the bad bugs that cause bloating and gas. Fermented foods include kombucha, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.
Constipation Eliminator Tools


Beta TCP: 2 with every meal, not to exceed 6 tablets

Hydro-Zyme: Start at 2 with your meal, if you feeling a warm, pressure/heart burn feeling chest, stop and email me. If you don’t, increase your dosage until you feel the beginning of a heartburn like feeling/warmth/pressure in chest. The amount before that feeling is your required dose. Re-dose in 4 weeks. 

Feel free to comment about your experiences or with any questions! 

And as always, if you liked this, share it with your friends!

Here’s to happy guts! 😉

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What’s the deal with Mineral water?

Many people wonder what the difference is between mineral water and soda/sparkling water. I happen to love anything with copious bubbles, so much that they make you burp 😉

Mineral water contains high levels of dissolved minerals, which are acquired as the water travels through rocks and other natural materials to the destination from which it is sourced. Some of the minerals found in this water include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium which are essential for various bodily functions. Because it contains these minerals as well as others, it is very hydrating.

Functions of Macro Minerals:
  • Building blocks for strong and healthy bones and teeth
  • Works synergistically with magnesium.
  • Relax your nerves and muscles
  • Build and strengthen bones
  • Keep your blood circulating smoothly
  • Helps your muscles and nerves function properly
  • Maintain the proper electrolyte and acid-base balance in your body
  • Help lower your risk of high blood pressure
  • Regulates the heart’s metabolism
  • Essential for exchange of water between cells, i.e., hydration
Some mineral waters have more minerals than others. A quick comparison:
(my favorite)
Calcium 348mg, Magnesium 108mg, Potassium 10mg, Sodium 118mg

Calcium 80mg, Magnesium 26mg, Potassium 1mg, Sodium 6.5mg

Soda Water is just regular tap water with carbon dioxide added to it. The mineral content is extremely depleted. Pure carbonated water is pretty benign, but most commercial soda water contains some salt and acid derived from sodium, potassium and phosphorus, which can pose health risks in large quantities. When your body is too acidic, it leaches minerals from your bones and tissue.

My choice is mineral water all the way!