Living the 80/20 Lifestyle

With all of the different fads and theories surrounding health it’s hard to feel like you can actually be successful at being healthy or acquiring health. It’s a self limiting idea to think that you have to be absolutely perfect at something to actually achieve success, this is where my rule of 80/20 living comes in to play. I don’t have to feel like a failure if say I want to get some Botox or fulfill my fanatical obsession for fountain soda and movie popcorn (did I just admit that at loud?). Instead I will enjoy my popcorn and my newly smoothed forehead and just eliminate other toxic items from my life. It’s all about living in balance and actually feeling like you are “living”. No one wants to live a life that is so outside the bounds of the rest of society that you feel like you are depriving yourself. But, (there is always a but right) you just need to balance it out with good choices elsewhere. So, I might eat what I believe to be a a healthy diet 80% of the time and then at times I will enjoy some chips and salsa and a few margaritas (100% agave tequila on the rocks with lime of course). I will wake up the next day, drink my super green drink, take my electrolytes and work out. Another personal example: I use divine smelling/very bad shampoo for my processed hair, but I also use all natural, non-toxic, body lotion, soap, toothpaste, moisturizer, make-up (most of it) and deodorant. 80/20 right?! So splurge without guilt, but be good to yourself as well.

This is a blog about learning to live in balance…without guilt!