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About  ME!
Most of you know me as someone that lives life healthily, but in moderation. I have my babies at home,  I juice every morning but I also want a martini and Steak Frites some nights. I am free spirited and literally half hippie & half yuppie. I can hang in Berkeley and Beverly Hills. I believe in doing everything you can to live the longest and healthiest life possible. I want to feel good I want to look my best and I want to live a long full life -BUT- I don’t believe in depriving yourself. What’s the point of that?! 
I can be preachy and believe me I have my areas where I can be really extreme, but I am also understanding of the fact that there can be more than one path to healing.
What heals you is not the same thing that will heal the next person…
We are all emotionally, metabolically & physiologically different.
We are all  beautiful and crazy  puzzles.
I believe in living balanced, in getting in enough nutrients every day but also sneaking in some of the “fun” things. My meals consist of mostly vegetables-cooked and raw, lots of almond butter, eggs, sauasage (I am a cured meat junkie) sprouted grain and rice bread, plenty of fat, yams, cheese, fermented foods, quinoa, millet and and meat.  I eat mostly vegetables so that I feel okay eating those onion rings every once in awhile. I am very picky about the source of my meat and fat. Unless I am eating out and can’t control it, I eat grass fed beef, organic pastured chicken from local farms, pastured eggs, pasture raised pork, butter from pastured cows, coconut oil that is cold processed and unrefined, raw organic cheese, etc. My vices are anything salty and crunchy, I will eat a whole bag of kettle chips if I have the chance! I love chips and guacamole as well as french fries.  And onion rings with blue cheese dip, don’t even get me started.
I HAVE to be able to “cheat” or else life is just not fun enough! One of my main goals in life is to have the energy to play with my daughter and actually keep up with her!
My influences:
Dr. Weston A. Price
Dr. Francis Pottenger
Joseph Mercola
Dr. Max Gerson & The Gerson Institute
Linus Pauling
Michael Pollan
Joel Salatin 
Kriss Carr
My Mom
I also believe in balance in every day life. Going to bed early enough when you can. Going to the chiropractor preventively, getting a massage once a month, acupuncture, meditation, exercise, Reiki, whatever keeps you grounded and feeling good. 
I hope you enjoy my blog and that you find what works best for you!
B.S. Behavioral Science
Certified Nutritional Therapist; Nutritional Therapy Association
Certified Pilates Instructor (almost!)
Certified Personal Trainer